Get rid of cellulite the natural way - no more ugly lumps and dimples!

Ok, let me first clarify that I compiled the following tips from Joey Atlas' articles, so he is not the author of this article. Joey Atlas, M.S., Exercise Physiology, is a women’s body enhancement specialist, and he has a product called Naked Beauty – The Symulast Method.

"Symulast" is a method he created on how to get rid of cellulite naturally at home, using simple laser-targeted exercises (the right diet will also be helpful) to strengthen your muscle fibers under the cellulite.

Here are some awesome tips I learned from him on getting rid of cellulite for good:

1. Know the Real Cause of Cellulite, and Stop Using Anti-Cellulite Creams – They Won’t Work

Continuing spending your money on anti-cellulite creams is useless.

Experts already know that they don’t work, because they don’t tackle the real cause of cellulite: atrophied muscle fibers. They suggest that for now, the most effective way to get rid of it is by practicing exercises focusing on body parts such as buttock and legs.

Oh, and please also stop using special washcloths, gimmicky devices, dead skin brushes, and other useless products.

Focus on strengthening and toning the muscle fibers under the cellulite troubled spots instead.


Do this:

2. Do The Right Cellulite Exercises

Even though the experts already know that exercises is the most effective way to solve your cellulite problem, most doctors and personal trainers don’t know exactly what exercises can effectively eliminate cellulite.

This makes many women just go to the gym and do various exercises that will not help them. In fact, some of the exercises may even cause injuries.

What are the proper exercises, then?

Here are two simple exercises from Joey himself:

Note: Consult your doctor if you are not sure about your physical ability.

a. To Get Rid of Cellulite on the Back of Thighs and Buttock: Double Leg, Hamstring Curls

Lie down on a mat or soft surface, face up, and put your heels and calves on top of an exercise ball. Your arms should be on the ground at your sides. 

Here's your starting position: lift the hips off the ground by pushing the heels and calves into the ball. After that, while pushing the hips toward the sky, curl the heels in toward the hamstrings. Stop when the bottom of the feet are on top of the ball, then return to the starting position slowly.

b. To Get Rid of Cellulite on Front of Thighs and Legs: Double Leg, Knee-Ups

On a mat or soft surface, get onto your hands and knees. Bring your toes forward, slowly lift your knees off the ground and then get your gluts up so your legs are almost straightened. After that, slowly return to the starting position.

c. To Get Rid of Cellulite on the Back of Thighs, Calves, and Buttock – Double Sided Hip-Extensions

Lie down, face up. Bend the knees and point the toes upward. This way, the heels should be the only part of your feet that are touching the mat. Then, push your heels into the ground and lift your hips toward the sky, then give a pause for a couple seconds. 

After that, lower your hips slowly to touch the floor. Breathe out on the way up, and breathe in on the way down.

d. To Get Rid of Cellulite on Buttock, Thighs, Legs, Hips, and Calves: Exercise Ball Squats

Put an exercise ball against a wall, then lean against the ball with your lower back area. With your feet shoulder width apart, squat down slowly as the ball rolls up toward your upper back area. You need to pause for a couple seconds, then return to the top position slowly, keeping a slight bend in the knees at the top. Breathe in as you are going down, and breathe out as you are going up. 

Warning: NEVER lock out the knees at the top of the movement.

3. Get the Proper Nutrition for Your Muscle Fibers

Joey says that there is a certain “anti-cellulite diet”.

However, he states that the proper diet for cellulite is not the one that will help you flush out toxins from the body. If you believe that there are toxins under the cellulite, you've been fooled because you’d be a dead person if that happened.

To get rid of cellulite naturally at home, he recommends that you make sure that your diet provides optimal nutrients that can impact female hormone regulation and balance positively.

Giving your body the appropriate nutrients will help you reverse the ill effects of muscular atrophy. You will also be able to help the cells and membranes maintain their structural integrity.

Some foods you should include in your diet are:
  • Complete proteins, or protein combos. You can get them from sources like salmon, mussels, pecans, eggs, and almonds.
  • High nutrient carbs. The examples are chick peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and lentils.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in cold-water fish such as salmon and tuna.
Of course, the right diet alone will not help you banish cellulite. It will only be effective if you also do anti-cellulite exercises.

Check out Joey Atlas’ Naked Beauty for the specific exercises.