Get rid of cellulite the natural way - no more ugly lumps and dimples!

You may already know that there are a lot of brands of cellulite cream on the market.

Usually, such products claim to be able to reduce or get rid of cellulite by eliminating trapped toxins and fluids, and also destroy fat cells.

If you have already read this article, you should know by now that they won’t work.


Because cellulite is not caused by trapped toxins and fat issues!

Cellulite is a problem of muscular structure. That’s it.

And don’t worry, you can always fix this.

As reported by ABC News, Dr. Garry S. Brody, a plastic surgery professor from the University of Southern California, says that cellulite has nothing to do with weight gain or excess fat problem. It also has nothing to do with toxins or poor circulation. In fact, he says that is a normal anatomic contour characteristic of many women’s buttocks and thighs.

“If cellulite creams don’t work, then how can I get rid of it naturally?”

Experts agree that various cellulite treatments such as creams, mesotherapy, liposuction, massage, and spa are not the best options.

So what’s the best way to remove cellulite?

For now, they agree that the most effective way to get rid of it is by doing the right exercise and consuming the right diet.

“Although such procedures may hold promise for the future, for now, the best option is exercise, and, if needed, weight loss. Experts agree that the most effective exercise routine for cellulite is one that incorporates aerobic exercise and strength training along with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber.” – WebMD

Many women, even medical professionals, still don’t know that there are actually certain exercises and movements that are specifically targeted at making the muscle layers under the cellulite stronger and firmer.

Such exercises help lift, tone, and strengthen the muscles under the dimpled skin, and this CANNOT absolutely be achieved using any anti-cellulite cream.

You can practice this exercise for buttock and thigh cellulite reduction from Joey Atlas, a women’s body enhancement specialist:

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