Get rid of cellulite the natural way - no more ugly lumps and dimples!

What exactly are you eating…

Will it help you get rid of cellulite?

Do you really want to get rid of cellulite?

I know you do, and there’s some extremely effective action you can take right now, and it doesn’t even involve exercise.

Unless you consider throwing out trash to be exercise!

The cellulite and ordinary old fat that’s currently residing on your butt found its way there via your mouth, aided and abetted by ‘sitting about’ too much.

Step 1 is to prevent any more finding its way there.
Step 2 is to work on getting rid of the cellulite and fat you already have.

Quantity Is Just As Crucial As Quality

The two go hand in hand. But eating the 'right amount' of poor quality food isn't a good strategy, (although a calorie is a calorie), eating good quality food in the right quantity is what works best!

Processed, convenience and fast food is the enemy, it won't help to rid you of cellulite.

Start right now to put things right by making sure that the food going into your mouth is of the highest quality. No cheap, low quality chocolate please!!

7 Foods to Dump, Avoid or Minimize! 

To get rid of cellulite and prevent any further cellulite developing, you need to minimize foods that are laden with additives, chemicals and empty sugars...sorry you junk and sugar lovers.

1. Any Processed or Convenience Food!

It's true, there are some 'better' processed foods but the overwhelming majority will not help you to get rid of cellulite, or ordinary old fat, so brace yourself, the list includes the following:

• Sauces and Gravies
• Canned Soups
• Pre-made Stock
• Peanut Butter
• Jams
• Cheese Spreads
• Dips for crackers
• Cookies
• Crackers
• Cakes
• Dessert treats
• Ice Cream
• Ice Cream Toppings
• Instant Noodles
• Instant most things in fact
• Most Breakfast Cereals (check the label)
• Meat Sauces
• Instant Ethnic Sauce Products
• Flavored yogurts
• Flavored cheeses
• Soda (except soda water I would hope)
• Flavored ice treats
• Sweets
• Chocolate (Sob, dark -over 60% cocoa- is of course exempt!!!)
• Most commercially made bread products
• Fitness Supplements, eg: protein drinks,supplement bars
• Crisps
• Tacos
• Taco Mix
• Almost anything in a can (check labels)
• Almost anything in a packet (check labels)
• Pies
• In fact all bakery goods
• Cold Cuts
• (Did I mention bacon…)

2. Fast Foods

These very tasty foods are not good for your body and are loaded with one or many of the following:

Saturated fats, sugars, artificial flavorings, preservatives, refined flour and sugar.
• French Fries
• Burgers
• Pizza
• Deep Fried Breaded Chicken
• Deep Fried anything
• Sandwiches made with highly processed ingredients
• Diet Sodas

3. Food high in saturated fat

The food listed here in the ‘saturated fat’ section is thought by some people to be bad for you. However they are 'close to the land' and have had little interference, so I subscribe to the ‘moderation’ rule.

• Cheeses
• Butter
• Cream
• Yogurt (check it's really yogurt and not a fatty, sugary dessert)
• Fatty meat, fish, poultry

4. Food containing trans fat

• Many commercially packaged foods
• Many French fries
• Many fast food products
• Margarine

5. Sugar in any form does not help to get rid of cellulite!

• White sugar
• Brown sugar
• Raw sugar...

Also check labels for the following:

• Fructose
• Glucose
• Dextrose
• Lactose
• Sucrose

6. Sugar Substitutes

Latest studies are saying that a substance called Stevia is the best sugar substitute.

Many commercially made products are currently investigating Stevia as an alternative to the sugar substitutes they presently use. Keep checking the packaging…

7. Alcohol

Minimize your intake of alcohol. One glass of wine a day is thought to have some health benefits, but opinions differ.

I think we all know that alcohol can make you very sick if you have too much of it, your good old common-sense should prevail here.

Get Serious!!

Well there you have it, if you really want to get rid of cellulite, in fact any fat, as well as feel whole lot better, clear your cupboards of this chemical and additive laden junk, and replace with fresh, homemade close to the source foods. Your body, your fabulous butt too, will love you for it.

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