Get rid of cellulite the natural way - no more ugly lumps and dimples!

Myth #1: Can I just use a cellulite cream to get rid of cellulite?

Word of mouth is a powerful tool...if there was a "magic genie bottle" there would be a line wrapped around most every health store of women trying to get their hands on it. As it is said, you can't keep a secret...a secret. Creams may mask cellulite temporarily, but will not get rid of the fat underneath the skin.

Myth #2: Can't I just massage away my cellulite?

Massages may smooth the skin slightly and feel good, but they're not the cure. Just like cellulite creams, they don't address the root cause of cellulite, which is fat stored underneath the skin.

Myth #3: Isn't cellulite a disease?

Cellulite is just the "name" we give the fat bubbles showing through the skin. Thus, it is not a "cellulite" problem, it's a fat-burning, fat-releasing problem, and it is not a disease.

Myth #4: Hey, what about those Suction Machines? Endermologie to get rid of cellulite?

Okay, will a machine that will suck and pull on my skin make cellulite go away? 

So, you're supposed to fork over hard-earned cash for a treatment to put suction cups on your trouble spots so that the fat can magically go away? If that were the case, you will lose your money, instead of cellulite.

Myth #5: I can just get laser/light treatment...can't I?

The FDA has approved this as a "temporary" aid to help the "appearance" of cellulite - Not to get rid of it. I'll give you 3 reasons not to do this...Money, Money, Money. They get money and you get nothing, but another scheduled treatment.

Myth #6: I read that cellulite is caused by fluid retention?

"Fat by water, eh?" Most people are dehydrated, even people with excess fat! They aren't holding too much water, but yet, they still have cellulite.

Myth #7: Liposuction?

Ahhhh, finally at least something that actually addresses the issue of fat, BUT don't get too hasty. Think about this: They are going to cut you open and vacuum the fat out. That sounds painful, expensive and will really mess up your skin. 

Plus, there's the issue that if you couldn't get rid of it the first time, will you have to continue to do these insane treatments over and over again?

Remember: Cellulite is NOT a weight loss problem, it is an excess fat problem & lack of lean muscle in particular problem areas. 

If you go on extreme diets, this will work against you because your body will actually go into starvation mode and store more body fat in your problem areas first.

"Is there is nothing I can do about cellulite?"

I tell these people, "If you don't know the answer, doesn't mean that you can't do it."

Learn from Joey Atlas, how you can get rid of cellulite this 2020 with specific exercises, without having to lose weight or doing gym routine.

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